Dr. Jim Garrow: It Can’t Be Done

It Can’t Be Done:

Dr. Jim Garrow

After a less than pleasant gathering of relatives for a pint in honor of our departed loved one Bernice Norris, I was reminded of why I do not allow myself to be found in the company of naysayers and the negative. Being in the company of such for a very short few minutes reminded me of the kinds of statements made by those who must have looked at George Washington as if he had two heads when he first shared his belief that England must be separated from and if necessary that military might should be used to secure a new nation.

How many naysayers did Washington encounter – dozens, hundreds, almost everyone? In actuality, it did not matter who or how many folks did not see it the same way as the soon to be Father of the Republic, his resolve was cemented in that which he could not ignore, that the land of opportunity was being enslaved to a dying empires needs and greed. No care was being given to those who harvested the bounty that God endowed America with and they were in fact looked upon by the Lords and Ladies as mere servants of their betters appetites. Declaring independence and securing that independence was the just and righteous thing to do. Brave pioneering thoughts which if not victorious in the rebellion would lead to the gallows. Some moves that we make can either be successful or lead to our own demise, what might separate us from others is our belief that the risks taken and the cause supported are worth it.

Where I am leading to in this missive is that if you spend time with those whose negative views of reality are pervasive and those same people are settled in their squalid existences and mindset, don’t listen, walk away and remain whole in your thinking and determinations. Be true to yourself first and foremost, “full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes”. The assumption being that good preparation and equipping will lead to victory if courage and planning are not hindered by the naysayers.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –