Dr. Jim Garrow: Doesn’t Serena Williams Make You Proud?

Doesn’t Serena Williams Make You Proud:

Dr. Jim Garrow

If ever there was an opportunity for us to realize that racism and the assumption of some special place in the universe that some folks feel that they have, we watched it underscored by Serena Williams. Yes, folks, anti-white racism is alive and well and can be seen at a tennis tournament of all places. And we thought that racism and privilege was something that you only found in white containers. We may have just seen the lightning of enlightenment strike the earth square in the court at the center of the formerly white-only holy grail of tennis.

For our young folks, one of the lessons that can be learned from this weekends debacle is that if you don’t like a call in sports you can always blame it on that old canard – racism. If you are loud enough and persistent enough folks might even forget that bad manners, ill-tempered behavior and just plain selfishness and lack of class are the comportments of a very small minority of athletes. They don’t usually get invited out much, nor get long-term sponsorships nor be lauded by the heroes of this age. They are seen for what they are – bad examples to our youth and people to avoid.

Fingers should point in the proper direction after this weekend’s sad finale to spoiled brats and bad examples. Perhaps a return to age-old standards and attitudes might be in order. I certainly hope that lessons will be taught from this and good objectives might be attained. There is a great opportunity afforded us to teach our children about right and wrong, good and bad, and what brings pride and what embarrasses and why.

Celebrating excellence is what Open Tournaments should be about, whether in sporting skill or sporting behaviors. Some behaviors need to be banned and punished as well and courage needs to be shown by those who must discipline appropriately when a sport is shamed.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –