Dr. Jim Garrow: “Ask Not What Your Nation Can Do For You But Rather Ask What You Can Do For Your Nation”

“Ask Not What Your Nation Can Do For You But Rather Ask What You Can Do For Your Nation”:

Dr. Jim Garrow

The entreaty from President John F. Kennedy whose words when looked upon today bring an unwanted light on a whole segment of society which has been taking, taking, taking with thoughts for themselves and not for the nation as a whole. The welfare state was commented on by nonother than the man who took over the reins of the nation upon the death of President Kennedy, the creator of the welfare state, Lyndon Baines Johnson who was more interested in enslaving generations into voting Democrat rather than what would have given them freedom and liberty.

In my own effort to support the liberties and freedoms that the Constitution guarantees we were able to face the fact that government will intrude where it has no business being in the name of safety and security of the Republic. Recent precedent has shown that even at the Presidential level the Obama administration could walk boldly over individual freedoms with an “I dare you to protest” swagger.

In creating DEAF, we addressed the personal freedom of privacy in our cell phone communications. Rather than cursing the darkness, we developed a method to protect and made it available to the public. It is yours for the asking, all you need to do is subscribe.
– Dr. Jim Garrow –