Ideologies: Who is Left and Who is Right?

B1upY9pCIAAPMSGOpen this can of worms and you end up with more people commenting on something they know little about, than you can count. People mix up Democracy with Corporatism, Capitalism with Corporatism/Fascism, Left with Right and Right with Left. Let’s keep it simple and get down to it. After all, Einstein once said that if you cannot explain something simply, then you do not know it well enough.


First of all, let’s address Capitalism. This seems to be one of the top two ideologies that are misunderstood and blamed for things that have nothing to do with the ideology.

For perspective, we have not had true Capitalism in this country since at least 1913, if not before. In 1913 Woodrow Wilson signed our monetary system over to the banking cartels of the time. Once these greedy criminals were able to sink their tentacles into our Capitalistic system, they were able to use their power, derived from their new-found ability to print endless reams of money, to start to take control of our country. Around that time there were companies like Standard Oil that were growing and extending their control over the oil industry via the Rockefellers, and all the other familiar players of the time. No need to go into a history lesson here, except to say that was the beginning of the end of Capitalism and free market in this country. So, young and ignorant millennials, before you blame a system that no longer exists in our country, read some history.


Another ideology that seems to be blamed for everything wrong, is Democracy. Around the same time that Capitalism was dying, Democracy was also meeting the same fate. When such control of our monetary system was set into place, Democracy could not have stood. If we would have had the Internet at that time, the perhaps we would have marched on D.C. and hung the bastards that caused this, but they were able to keep their takeover a secret because by that time they owned all the newspapers, too. So, unlearned children, you cannot blame Democracy, because it died a long time ago.


Want to blame Conservatives? Well, the Liberal Democrats were the party of Jim Crow, the K.K.K., hanging black people, vote fixing to keep whites in office, and all the other horrific things that happened in this country to oppress minorities. At this point you might be tempted to want to throw Conservatives in with the Republican Party so that you can blame some of the ills on Conservatives, but then you have to face the fact that the Republican Party is anything but conservative. Ask yourself when the last time it was that you noticed the Republicans conserving anything. Republicans are akin to Fascism just as the Democratic Party is akin to Socialism. And we know from our history, at least if you have read it, that neither Fascism nor Socialism work. They are both doomed by allowing too much governmental control. Sound familiar? That is where the United States is now. The ignorant millennials wanted to elect Bernie Sanders, because he was going to give them free stuff. They didn’t understand that money and the value of labor are finite. You have to take from someone that produces in order to give to someone that does not. The producers of value, the workers, would not stand for this.

True Conservatives not only want to be fiscally conservative, but conservative in the way they handle their lives. Everything from natural resources, to the size of government should be governed by the will of the people and the Constitution, not and wants of a few – be them the rich or the poor. Leave the money-earned in the pockets of those that earned it. Leave the charitable work to those who can and wish to help. Leave the roads, construction, infrastructure, services, and everything else, to private enterprise. Do not allow special privilege to companies, dissolve the corporate protections and force a company to be responsible, via the owners and bosses, for the problems they cause. Let the free market play itself out. People can vote with their wallets when it comes to goods and services. It works, when you leave it alone.

In the end

In the end if you give over your power to the government, in any amount, you can be sure that it will be abused. No form of government can be trusted, and our forefathers knew this all too well. Allow the powers that be the ability to divide us, then they will conquer us. If We the People ever managed to get our act together, and fight the common enemy, we could defeat this wayward government. Once we defeated the government we would be free to return back to our petty squabbles and divide ourselves as we wish. The problem is allowing a wayward government all the power we have, has allowed them to effectively buy votes. We’re at a point now where it may be too late. In the end the propaganda machine of the powers that be have managed to change the meanings of the names of our ideologies, and somehow blame Capitalism and Democracy for the failings of their Fascist/Corporatist system that we have allowed them to put into place. And now you have a generation of ingrates that vote themselves into the slavery they deserve.

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