My Exchange With a Muslim

Stock file photo of a crazy Muslim, but that is redundant.

Stock file photo of a crazy Muslim, but that is redundant.

I just had an exchange with a Muslim that spanned several days. I would like to say that it was interesting or enlightening, but the only word I can come up with to describe it, was that it was typical.


Exchanges of this type are sometimes difficult due to the language barriers, but this Muslim seemed to have a good enough grasp of English to hold his own. It started off as a comment from me on Islam and Muhammad, on a thread that specifically dealt with Islam. Nothing particularly insulting, unless you consider quoting the Quran on this subject to be an insult. The initial response was like something out of a playbook, a response I’ve seen many times in my exchanges. In an exchange on Islam, Muhammad, and Sharia Law Muslims will never address a comment directly. If they were to do so, they would be admitting that what you quoted was true. Instead they respond with trying to get you to tell them something about your beliefs. The modus operandi is to divert you away from quoting the Quran, and into defending your beliefs. Someone on the defense is more vulnerable. I will normally dismiss this by responding that they should stick to the subject and not hijack the thread for some other discussion. If they can get you on the defensive, then they can condemn your beliefs, usually by quoting something from the Old Testament, and pretending that it is from “your Bible”.

Hold them accountable

Holding this Muslim to account, and letting him know that if he wishes to debate the Old Testament, he would need to find a Rabbi, I kept pressing my point in asking him if he supported where in the Quran it states that Muhammad took one of his wives at the age of six, then consummated with her when she was nine. After a few failed attempts by this Muslim to get me to respond to more quotes from the Old Testament, he finally admitted that he supports “all things the prophet Muhammad did”.  I then pressed him as to whether or not pedophilia was illegal in his country, but he refused to respond. He later tried again to get me to tell him my beliefs, so that he could corral me and divert the conversation, but I responded that it was none of his business, and the thread we were commenting on was regarding Islam, so I would not allow him to hijack it for his own purposes.

So, let’s lay out a premise that is good to remember when confronting a religious/governing system like Islam. First of all, Islam is not a religion. It is a combination of religion and governance. Sharia Law comes with Islam – they are connected at the hip. You cannot have one without the other.CrazyMuslim2

Why debate a crazy person?

Some people may wonder why I would chose to have an exchange with a Muslim, when I should already know what the outcome will be. The Muslim will defend his/her beliefs to the bitter end, and we’ve all seen the ends they will go to. When I go back and forth with one of the Muslims, it is more for the people watching the debate. It is to educate and get the truth out. I always end the exchange with a note that everyone needs to buy their own Quran and read it. Therein lies the truth about Islam and how evil/violent Islam really is.

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