Political Correctness

imagesAre we irate yet? Have we all had enough of politically correct types? Have we all been beaten to death with guilt-inducing and nauseating attacks for overly sensitive people? Well, join the club.

When I look at issues, I like to peel back the layers of rhetoric. I like to try to get to the core, but usually the core is hidden behind a controlling mountain of cliches and labels that are designed to keep you from getting to the real issue. Political correctness is the epitome of sort of thinking. And to put a finer point on it, the group that is overwhelmingly guilty of using this gutless tactic is the left, but this is not new news to anyone that has been watching what goes on in this country.

At its base political correctness is a control mechanism. A system of attacks to keep you busy so that you will give up trying to find a good solution to an issues, and simply fall in line with the person that is attacking. Let’s have a look at a few issues of our time and see how political correctness has actually damaged understanding and solving these issues.

First let’s look at the alleged bigotry toward Islamic people. Saying anything negative about this group will illicit a prompt and vicious attack from both leftists and Muslims. In fact, even quoting the negative or violent passages in the Quran will bring on an attack from Muslims and the left. You will be told that you are not interpreting the passage properly, and that you have quote-political-correctness-tyranny-manners-charlton-heston-237225taken it out of context, but in actuality the teachers of Islam will propound the violence as if they are proud of it. In researching the Quran for a few articles that I wrote a few years ago, I found quite a few passages that advocated for violence, including beheading anyone that would not convert to Islam. But, to say anything about Islam that is not complementary, even if it is fact-based, will get you into trouble. The idea is that as long as someone plays the politically correct card and bashes you enough, you will stop your honest approach to the truth, and this is how they control the dialog.

Another issue is what the left calls “immigration”, but the real issue has nothing to do with immigration. The real issue is criminals sneaking across our border and stealing our social services while illegally working in this country. Our great country was built on immigration, so why would any sane person be against it? We are not. We are against criminals invading our country. The left will bash you for not being politically correct and for being insensitive when you refer to these criminals as “illegal aliens”, but that is the legal term for them. The left wants you to call them “undocumented immigrants”. This is tantamount to calling what a bank robber does as an “undocumented withdrawal of funds”. Ridiculous in any sense.

The psychology behind this is actually simple. Words are powerful things. When you speak them, you are speaking to yourself as well as others. If the left can control the words you are allowed to use, then it makes you easier to condition/control. This tactic must be used in order to make right, something to obviously wrong, as in allowing criminals to sneak into our country. If someone asked you if you were pro criminal invasion, you would of course say no. If someone asked you why you are against undocumented workers, it would be more difficult to mount an argument. Because the arguments of the left are so illogical, the only way they can get their way is to change the dialog in order to trick you into either agreeing, or being silent, lest you be so very “insensitive” to those in need.

You will see this approach on most issues that the left is embroiled with. Be it the historically-failed system of Socialism, to their love fest with immorality. They have to twist and change the rhetoric to make it palatable. Don’t fall for it.

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