Why I Distain Republicans More Than Democrats

Okay, so this may sound counter to being a conservative, but hear me out.

neocon_2013After many years of being conservative and watching what both parties were up to, and being dismayed and disappointed with both, it became apparent that neither of the parties were the slightest bit interested in doing any good for the people. I remember when they stopped referring to themselves as “representatives” and started calling themselves “leaders”. Of course mainstream media, or the propaganda arm of our government as I like to call them, was lockstep at the time.

Anyway, so why is it that I distain Republicans more than I do Democrats? I’ve always known what Democrats are about. They don’t try very hard to hide their Socialist behaviors or their political stupidity. There is a real honesty in their inability to find their arse with both hands. I never had any ambiguity when I was dealing with a Democrat – I could tell I was dealing with a moron right up front.

With Republicans it is different. Republicans pretend to expound a value system that us supposed to be conservative. left_right_political_spectrum_011Although they have only a thin veneer to cover their otherwise-Fascist ways, they are pretty good at making themselves out to be conservative, and the common person falls for it. They are like the friend that stabs you in the back while smiling to your face. They are not up front by any stretch of the imagination, and would just as surely screw you out of your last dollar
as anything. The very party that claims to have your back, is the one holding the knife. At least with Democrats I knew I how much of a criminal liar they were when I first met them. Republicans are a bit slipperier.

So you see, in my path through the political mayhem, and my staunch conservative ways, there is no way that I could have embraced either of the parties in power, but I am especially angry at the party that pretends to be conservative when they really do not conserve anything.

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