Since When?

B1upY9pCIAAPMSGSince when did Republicans ever conserve anything? Since when were Democrats ever liberal? Although I’ve struggled with finding these answers, and have never been able to find any tangible evidence for the answers I seek, I still ponder this.

Many years ago when I was still trying to “find myself”, as young people in their 20’s do, I waffled between parties in a search for someplace where I could find those principles that I had grown up with. I think I must have voted both sides of the party lines at one time or another.

Growing up I was actually raised in a very liberal family – all staunch Democrats. Not long after I started working, I married and started a family. It was at that time I started looking at my check stubs and wondered where all the money I paid in taxes was going. Watching the news didn’t really seem to help, as there was little substance there. After some time, and because in my career I had to do a lot of driving, I stumbled across A.M. talk radio. It was there that I started to learn the truth about how the world of politics works, and how it works mostly against the “little guy”. You know, the REAL 99%.

It didn’t take long before I realized that both parties were actually the same, only they were both far left. I started thinking that the Democrats were more like Socialist and the Republicans were more like Fascists. I don’t think that much has changed with respect to this early assessment – things have just become worse. Many years ago the parties adopted certain buzz words that have come to have no real meaning. Democrats are not liberal in any sense – they are part of the corporate structure and siphon our tax money through the corporate world in the name of the poor. Republicans do the same, but in the name of their agenda. It really doesn’t matter who you vote for, because all they are after is your money so that they can further their controlling political agendas.

In the end, I have decided that I am one of the true conservatives. I believe in conserving the environment, our country, my money, your money, our rights and our Constitution, and everything else that really should be in the control of We the People. It has nothing to do with the fake left/right paradigm that the powers that be wish to force upon us through their network of propaganda tools in the mainstream media. It has to do with leaving each other alone to live as we will.

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